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A little about me


I was born and raised in northwestern Pennsylvania.  I grew up in a rural setting and have always had a passion for the outdoors.  After completing my college degree I purchased ~40 acres in rural Leboeuf Township, PA.  I spent the last ~20 years working on my dream homestead which includes a detached garage/shop where I make my knives.  I share this homestead with my wife Ramona who makes the sheaths.  Besides making knives I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren Evelyn and Beckett.  I also enjoy gardening, hiking, kayaking, and hunting.  A couple of my favorite places are the Allegheny National Forest (local to me) and Acadia National Park in Maine (not so local).  

Regarding knives, I have carried and used knives since I was a young boy.  My favorite styles are drop point hunter, bird and trout, and choppers probably because these are the styles I use most. Initially I started collecting production knives from Buck, Bear, and the like.  Then I moved to smaller scale/more traditional makers like Queen Cutlery and Great Eastern, both of which were local to me. Finally I found customs and the rest is history.  After commissioning many customs and realizing the design and material selection was a lot of fun I decided to design and make a few myself and got hooked.  


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